The company is managed by Rio Tinto Aluminium and is located in Central Queensland, Australia, about 30 kilometres south of Gladstone. Industrial Control & Electrical was contracted to install four off variable speed drives (VSD) on the Overland Alumina Conveyor. ICandE performed the design, programming and commissioning duties for the power system and process control aspects of the project.The Overland Alumina Conveyor VSD Project comprised:

  • Modification of existing DOL Drive control and protection switchgear
  • Design of Outdoor VSD enclosures and cooling systems
  • Modification of existing drive software to integrate with conveyor start sequence

Electrical assets include 1 off 150kW VSD, 2 off 90kW VSDs and 1 off 37kW VSD.

As the supply of alumina is vital to smelter operations timely and professional execution of the project was critical.

The equipment is now production and transporting alumina to the smelter.


Boyne Smelters Limited Reduction Line Electric Shock Investigation

Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) is Australia's largest aluminium smelter, producing in excess of 500,000 tonnes of aluminium a year. BSL converts alumina to primary aluminium in an electrolytic reduction process, consuming one third of Queensland's power.

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Comalco - Electric Shock Exposure Test Box

Comalco Smelter Development focuses on technologies to improve the safety and production of primary aluminium at Comalco managed smelters. Comalco Smelter Development is a business unit of Comalco and owned by Rio Tinto.

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