Project Development

ICandE's core strength is the way we manage engineering improvements in a new or working plant. Coupled with ICandE's production awareness, clients appreciate the abilities of ICandE in regard to the true goals of project management. That is, control of time and cost.


Project engineering at ICandE covers the full spectrum of plant improvement. Particularly, as ICandE is often based at a client's works and is included in the internal raising of capital. Typically, ICandE project engineering involves:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • Specification Development
  • Detailed Design
  • Installation Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Client training

Feasibility Studies

Investigation into the true problem/opportunity faced by the business. Development of possible solutions/improvements. Analysis of solutions/improvements in regard to safety, timing, cost, production, people and the environment. Formulation of recommendations and management of the sourcing of capital.

Conceptual Design

ICandE is often involved when considering plant layouts. Issues involving source of supply and telecommunications, control room, switch room and operator panel locations and extent of hazardous areas are frequent concerns. Development of initial specifications relating to power supply, control and SCADA system, fire, and security are also performed at this stage.

Specification Development

ICandE develops specifications tailored to suit particular client requirements. Specification templates for all typical industrial equipment have been developed in-house that provide a base specification from which to build on, if necessary. This approach is aimed at minimising client cost.

Detailed Design

ICandE is continuously developing software based tools to automate the design process. Automation of the basic plant engineering has provided the opportunity to focus on elements of the design that are critical to the success of an operating plant. As a result, the design can be completed in reduced time.

Installation Supervision

At times, critical shutdowns in operating plants or when the nature of construction requires it, engineering supervision of construction is provided. Generally, this level of supervision is only provided during times of tight scheduling or the execution of highly complex tasks.


ICandE is normally engaged to perform both the Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Placing into Service of process plants. Pre-commissioning normally consists of those tests required leading up to the energisation of equipment and the confirmation of field signaling. Commissioning involves the testing of controller sequence logic, critical trips, interlocks and the first past tuning of PID loops by loading the process with test materials. Placing into Service refers to the loading of the process with live materials and running at typical pressures, temperatures etc. and the final loop tuning. This methodology ensures a logical and minimal risk approach to plant commissioning.

Client Training

Until this point the client's commissioning engineer and ICandE's engineers are the only individuals with operational knowledge of the plant and/or equipment. ICandE is always involved in some respect either through leading or contributing to the training of plant operational staff. Part of this training/handover phase is the publication of an Operating & Maintenance Manual which includes, amongst other documentation, key procedures for operating the plant.


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