Technical Specialties

We specialise in the electrical and automation aspects of the following fields:

Power Distribution

High, Medium and Low Voltage (HV,MV,LV) system design, construction and commissioning are one of ICandE's core strengths. Technical excellence and practical designs are guaranteed as key staff hold both electrical trade qualifications as well as electrical engineering degrees. Cable sizing, load flow, fault studies, protection grading and buried earthing grid designs are performed routinely. Switchyard and containerised motor control centre (MCC) designs have been refined over many years to achieve optimum functionality at the right price. Supporting this expertise is an intimate knowledge of diesel generation, uninterruptible power supplies, batteries and their battery chargers and fire detection and protection systems.

Pumping Systems

ICandE has designed, constructed and commissioned a variety of pumping systems. Deep well bore field, molten metal, molten pitch, amonium nitrate emulsion, sand dredging and mineral sand slurry pumps to name a few. The systems have been based on both electric (DOL / FVNR, Soft Start, VVVF / VSD / VFD) and combustion engine drives at both local and remote area sites. Pipeline instrumentation measuring flow, pressure, temperature and density are typical of such systems for production control, emergency response and revenue metering purposes. The nature of remote systems has warranted implementation of telemetry systems including those based on copper, radio and optical fibres. PLC based systems incorporating SCADA operator facilities constitute our normal pumping system control infrastructure. ICandE has served the role as lead electrical, instrument and control engineers at several green field, mineral sand mining and processing operations.

Conveying Systems

Solids such as alumina, aluminium, carbon, coke, magnesite, coal, zircon, illmenite, rutile, rock in sizes from 2m to 30um are materials that have been conveyed by ICandE electrical, instrument and control designs. Conveying systems have included power and free chain conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket wheel reclaimers, screw feeders, vibrating plate feeders, air slides, diverter chutes and gates, bucket elevators and lean and dense phase conveyors. The systems have been based on electric (DOL / FVNR, Scoop / Fluid Coupling, Soft Start, VVVF / VSD / VFD) drives. Conveyor instrumentation such as belt weightometers, impact weighers, metal detectors, belt drift, belt rip and pull wire are typical of such systems for production control, emergency response and revenue metering purposes. PLC based systems incorporating SCADA operator facilities constitute our normal conveying system control infrastructure. The various conveying systems link to items such crushers, mills, attritioners, mixers, fluid bed driers, screens, bins and silos, cyclones and dust collectors for which ICandE has integrated as part of an overall plant system.

Metals Smelting

ICandE's expertise in the fields of aluminium, magnesium and zinc smelting is recognised internationally. The challenges of high temperature (1000 degrees Celsius) instrumentation and control are combined with high electrical energy (315,000 Amps) to produce unique challenges. Electrolytic process infrastructure also includes rectiformers, furnaces, siphons, burners, heat tracing, casting machines, over head gantry cranes and tapping crucibles. ICandE engineers have performed client representative roles as well as lead electrical, instrument and control roles on green and brown field smelters.

Human Safety

The common theme to ICandE's specialisations is a high level of competence associated with power and control system, human safety. Our power system safety skills extends to design, construction and commissioning of earthed (TN) and unearthed (IT) power systems, electrostatic and lightning protection and plant and equipment isolation (LOTO) procedures. Anti-collision, collision avoidance, chemical and explosives process shutdown as well as machine emergency stopping represent some of our control system safety skills. Of course, this means that we are experienced with the relevant standards based on IEC61508 as well as state and federal legislation.


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